quinta-feira, fevereiro 04, 2010

AIJA - Tax Commission - Amsterdam

As a member of AIJA - TLC I would like to announce the following event:

Group: AIJA Tax Law Commission (TLC)
Subject: 3rd annual AIJA Tax Conference at the IBFD, Amsterdam (26-27 February, 2010)
Dear TLC-group members,

In three weeks from now we will have the 3rd AIJA tax conference, this time at the premises of IBFD in Amsterdam. We made a very interesting program with (again) high standing speakers from e.g. IBFD and Dutch Ministry of Finance. For those of you who did not register yet, please find the program and registration form behind this link:

I hope to meet all (or at least most) of you in Amsterdam on February 26-27!

best regards,
Michiel Groenland
(VP Tax Law Commission AIJA)

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