domingo, outubro 18, 2009

History - Model Tax Convention on Income and on Capital

The Fiscal Committee and its 1971 successor the Committee on Fiscal Affairs continued to afford an international forum for the discussion of various aspects of taxation policy. In the course of that discussion the experience of member countries in applying bilateral conventions based on the 1963 Model was collected and examined. Study of certain particular points left open in 1963 continued. There were, of course, changes over the years in domestic tax systems: moreover, increasing activity in international business and investment tended to lead to more complex forms of organisation. For all these reasons a revision of the 1963 Model Convention and of the commentaries on its Articles was undertaken. The revised Model was published in 1977.

Continuous discussion of various aspects of the 1977 Model went on in the Committee on Fiscal Affairs of the OECD in subsequent years, and, in 1992, an updated version of the Model was published (which we call the 1992 Update). This differs in only a few respects from the 1977 Model .(The differences are detailed in our notes on the model articles). The main reason for the 1992 update seems in fact to have been that, over the years, the Commentary on the Model had been very considerably augmented and to some slight degree amended, in effect, by a series of Reports on various relevant topics produced by working parties of the Committee on Fiscal Affairs, and it seemed desirable to consolidate these with the existing Model and Commentaries into a single, updated text. However, it was foreseen that further development of the Model as well as the Commentary was likely and it was therefore decided to give the Model an ambulatory character, that is to produce it in a loose leaf form so that further modifications could be published in a convenient manner as and when they were agreed. Further updates providing minor amendments of the text were published in 1994, 1995, 1997 and 2000 (this latter making also rather more substantial changes). Nevertheless, the Model, notwithstanding its various subsequent updates has remained, in essence, substantially the Model of 1977.

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