sábado, maio 17, 2008

European Commission publishes working document (SEC/2008/559) on Savings Taxation

Commission Staff Working Document SEC (2008) 559 on refining the present coverage of Council Directive 2003/48/EC on taxation of income from savings.(...)

Recent events have shown clearly how important it is to establish international cooperation with a view to preventing, in the direct taxation area, fraud and evasion linked to cross-border financial investments. The Savings Taxation Directive, together with the related agreements concluded by the European Community with five non-EU European countries and by all Member States, on a bilateral basis, with 10 dependent and associated non-EU territories, should certainly be considered as an important step in this process, developing further the principles already provided for by Directive 77/799/EEC on mutual assistance between tax authorities in the field of direct taxation. For the first time, a coordinated effort in this area has been agreed and simultaneously applied by a wide number of jurisdictions with different interests and traditions. (...)

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