terça-feira, abril 22, 2008

Barroso in Pledge on Treaty Tax Veto

The Republic will continue to have a veto over tax policies under the Lisbon Treaty, EU Commission president Jose Manuel Barroso pledged yesterday.
In a bid to quash fears about a draft plan to harmonise the union's corporate taxation base, Mr Barroso said the Reform Treaty would not change how member states deal with tax matters.
He said nothing could be imposed on the Republic and nothing could be agreed on taxation without the country's consent.
"Ireland will continue as all the other states to have a veto over any taxation proposals," he said.
"Let me tell you very clearly nothing can be agreed on taxation without Ireland," he said.
Mr Barroso was in Dublin for a series of meetings, including with Taoiseach Bertie Ahern and Tanaiste Brian Cowen.
Farmers demonstrated outside Leinster House against European Union proposals in negotiations on world trade during the visit.
Mr Barroso said a deal at the Word Trade Organisation talks was in the Republic's interest.

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