sábado, abril 19, 2008

Taxation Policy: Enhancing competitiveness and growth

Fair tax competition is welcome as it supports competitiveness. On the other hand, tax-related obstacles are detrimental to the functioning of the Internal Market. Administrative barriers must be eliminated.
It was evident from the interventions that the proposal by the Commission for a consolidated corporate tax base is supported by a number of Member States, by the European Parliament and very much awaited by the European business community. I also noted that some are afraid that during the decision making process in the Council, the proposal could be overburdened with too many compromises between the Member States. This reinforces our intention to keep the proposed common consolidated corporate tax base as simple, broad and transparent as possible.
Simplicity together with fairness, efficiency and predictability were often evoked during the debate as the most important features of a well-functioning tax system. Many of the speakers argued for a broad tax base as key element of a good tax system. These statements perfectly coincide with our intentions! We shall offer companies the option to choose a common consolidated tax base, which is simple and broad. Equally our proposal for the VAT one-stop-shop is meant to serve simplification.
Closing speech at the Tax Forum 2008 by László Kovács, European Commissioner in charge of Taxation and Customs Union (Brussels, April 7th and 8th, 2008)

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